From the upcoming full-length musical collection called "Smiley Face", please enjoy this little ditty, and please do share!

This record is finished and awaiting its release in October of 2018. This promo video was hilariously fun to make.

I met filmaker Ronald Judkins in an unusual way (for me). While exploring the new tiny town in a remote corner of Montana that I was planning on moving to , a friend told me about two excellent people who lived there, up a hill in the woods. They were "film people". Out of curiosity I did something I have never done. I drove around until I found a place that matched the description, walked up to the door, and knocked. There I met Jennifer Young, a talented costumer and producer. We sat and had tea, describing our passions and artistic endeavors. After a bit, I noticed a quiet man, her husband, standing in the doorway, listening. It was Ronald Judkins, the noted and award winning sound mixer and recordist, and writer/director of his own two beautiful films (The Hi-Line, Finding Neighbors). Over the course of eight years since that impulsive meeting we have become good friends, and mutual admirers of each others' art. Some comments Ron made after seeing a performance of mine in Los Angeles made me feel that he completely understood what I was creating, and I summoned the courage to ask if he would direct a music film for me. To my delight he said yes. I am grateful for that unplanned knock on a country house door. Enjoy this song and film!

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I have been farming a small plot of land called Crazy View Farm for the past 8 years. This song was written long before I knew I would become a farmer. Ain't life grand!?