It is time to make the new record!  Here's a little video telling y'all....

I met filmaker Ronald Judkins in an unusual way (for me). While exploring the new tiny town in a remote corner of Montana that I was planning on moving to , a friend told me about two excellent people who lived there, up a hill in the woods. They were "film people". Out of curiosity I did something I have never done. I drove around until I found a place that matched the description, walked up to the door, and knocked. There I met Jennifer Young, a talented costumer and producer. We sat and had tea, describing our passions and artistic endeavors. After a bit, I noticed a quiet man, her husband, standing in the doorway, listening. It was Ronald Judkins, the noted and award winning sound mixer and recordist, and writer/director of his own two beautiful films (The Hi-Line, Finding Neighbors). Over the course of eight years since that impulsive meeting we have become good friends, and mutual admirers of each others' art. Some comments Ron made after seeing a performance of mine in Los Angeles made me feel that he completely understood what I was creating, and I summoned the courage to ask if he would direct a music film for me. To my delight he said yes. I am grateful for that unplanned knock on a country house door. Enjoy this song and film!

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I have been farming a small plot of land called Crazy View Farm for the past 8 years. This song was written long before I knew I would become a farmer. Ain't life grand!?